Fraser Cove Shopping Centre

A large format retail shopping centre with a line-up of leading brands

Close to central Tauranga and against the backdrop of the estuary lies Fraser Cove Shopping Centre, a welcoming open-air retail and community hub, featuring some of New Zealand’s leading retail brands.

Reflecting its surroundings, Fraser Cove has a friendly and beach-like feel, with brightly coloured paved pathways and palm trees winding through its carpark of over 1,200 free spaces for customers. With excellent transport links, including easy motorway access and nearby bus stops, it’s highly accessible to the nearby established community.

Fraser Cove has built a reputation as a community and family-friendly hub. Its central location, alongside major New Zealand brands within the centre, offers convenience to its wide range of shoppers.


The Fraser Cove core catchment is currently populated by around 53,400 people residing in 21,100 households, equating to 2.52 persons per household, higher than the Tauranga City average (2.45) and on par with the Regional average (2.50).

This catchment generates an estimate $430m per annum of retail expenditure and is projected to grow to over $600m per annum by 2033. To put this into context, the catchment currently contributes over a third of all retail expenditure generated within Tauranga City.


The Western Bay of Plenty sub-region is one of the fastest-growing areas in New Zealand.

The projected population growth of 29% will mean more than 30,000 homes will be needed over the next 30 years. Tauranga City will invest $2.6 billion over the next 10 years on infrastructure to support this growth.

Due to its central location, Fraser Cove Shopping Centre will continue to act as a central hub and local community centre for these growing suburbs. Key areas such as Te Papa will bring new ‘city-living’ type investment in housing infrastructure while areas such as Tauriko and Te Tumu will see fresh new communities spring up.

Fraser Cove Shopping Centre is well placed with the planned housing intensification in its surrounding area and Tauriko accessible within a 10 minute drive time. Looking ahead a lot of work has been done to identify the growth hubs for Tauranga and Fraser Cove Shopping Centre is in the heart of it.


Fraser Cove Shopping Centre supports a strong mix of national and international tenants

Fraser Cove Shopping Centre is a hybrid of leading large format New Zealand brands and a range of smaller serviced and specialist outlets, including The Warehouse, Crackerjack, Chemist Warehouse, Countdown, Burger King, Repco, Postie and more.