Supporting the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Gold Elite Mission Sponsorship

In 2020, NZRPG became a Gold Elite Mission Sponsor for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.

New Zealand’s rescue helicopters provide a vital safety net for all people. Along with remote rescue, the highly trained specialist crews have been called upon to perform critical hospital transfers, attend emergency births, and respond to car and boating accidents. In fact they may attend any type of emergency where rapid response or difficult location is a factor. They’ll do this any time of the day or night, every day of the year, right across the country.

Sponsoring a rescue mission means we will contribute funds directly to a specific mission, potentially saving someone’s life.

In 2019 we are proud to say that we sponsored Mission No: 11579

Mission No: 11579

In October 2019, the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter responded to an emergency on Great Barrier Island.

A mountain biker swerved to avoid hitting a child and fell off their bike, going over the handlebars.

The patient was flown to Auckland City Hospital for urgent medical care.